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  • It can be a big step going from painted walls to wallpaper and you may not even know where to start. There are few design elements that are as engaging as colorful wallpaper. The simple addition of a wallpaper in a fun pattern or unexpected motif can liven up a space in an instant.

Wooden flooring

  • Natural wooden flooring design elements from modern seating to striking art pieces. The flooring options we provide are not only tasteful and elegant to look at, but equally easy to look after. We understand that each home is unique to its owner, and provide for various permutations and combinations of our offerings, to ensure that your personality is reflected in your home.


  • Urtains are definitely a very important element of functional interior decoration. Curtain is almost the first thing one would notice on entering a room and they are essential for the interior design and curtains helps to create the environment that you desire. The prime purpose of the curtains is to control the harshness of the sun in the day time and for giving a pleasant look

Window blinds

  • Wide ranges of top quality window blinds in Translucent, Semi opaque and Blackout Fabric. We offer a large collection of products ranging from roller blinds, wooden blinds, aluminium blinds, panel tracks and many more. we also offer customization, measurements and installation choices for majority of our products

Wall Art/Paintings

  • A little change by using perfect wall designs can change the whole aspect of a room. Print A Wallpaper can even make custom wall murals from your painting in beautiful textures that feel just like a large canvas painting. Painting Inspired Wall Murals are perfect interior decor for homes, offices, art galleries, boutique hotels, homestays and art cafes.

Interiors work

  • A place where ideas, inspiration and art infuse together to bring your imagination and dreams to reality. The Best Interior Designers & Decorators in Bangalore assists you to fulfill your dream of a perfect Home. Get your dream home designed by the experts. We design and execute complete Luxury interiors and exterior as per your taste and budget. With the team of Top Interior Designers in Bangalore.